PVDC Boneless Meat Bag With High Shrinkage

PVDC Boneless Meat Bag With High Shrinkage

Boneless meat bag is designed especially for products requiring exceptional barrier properties such as fresh meat. High shrink rate and barrier means extended shelf life up to 4 months chilled. Suitable for export fresh meat applications.
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Product Details

PVDC Boneless Meat Bag with High Shrinkage

Boneless meat bag available types

Please find below picture, that is our boneless meat bags available types such as Curved bottom, straight bottom, side seal, taped bottom, perforated on roll


Boneless meat bag packaging


Shrink tubing (AUSTLON) is available in 500m, 1000m, or 1500m depending on weight. Standard 6” core. Roll is wrapped in OPP then packed in carton boxes.

Loose bags will be packed in blue PE bags. Bags with length ≤500mm will be placed flat inside carton. Long bags will be folded.

Cartons are ordered according to bag size with each carton not exceeding 25kg. Each carton will contain 500, 1000, or 2000 bags depending on weight.


Cartons/rolls are placed on plastic pallets (1.1m x 1.1m), covered by at least 3 layers of stretch film and reinforced by strapping tape. Carton boxes do not contain metal staples, and nor do the strapping tape. 

Pallets does not exceed 1.9m high, and weight not exceeding 1000kg per pallet. For tape bags, pallet height not exceeding 1.4m because of bulky packaging in the carton. A 20GP container may load 10 pallets.


Product Specifications

-   Flat Width:  185-500mm

-   Bag length:  100-1000mm

-   Packaging:  1000m/roll or 1000 bags/carton

-   Bag type: Curved bottom, straight bottom, side seal, taped bottom, perforated on roll

-   Printing:   10+10 flexographic printing available

Company information

For over 20 years, International Plastic Engineering (IPE) has been specializing in the production of barrier shrink packaging materials, including:

- Barrier shrink bags/tubing

- Barrier shrink films

- Plastic casings


IPE product range


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