Fresh meat PVDC shrink bag

Fresh meat PVDC shrink bag

We will supply this kind of packaging for precooked tuna to satisfy the requirements of more competitive price with better shrink and better barrier. So if you want to buy a cheaper packaging, PVDC will also be the best choice for longer shelf life of your products.
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Fresh meat PVDC shrink bag specification:

We will supply this kind of packaging for precooked meat/seafood/fresh meat to satisfy the requirements of more competitive price  with better shrink and better barrier. if you want to know more, just don't hesitate to contact us

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Flat Width:        185-550mm

Bag length:        100-1000mm

Packaging:          1000m/roll or 1000 bags/carton

Bag type:   Curved bottom, straight bottom, side seal, taped bottom, perforated on roll


IPE service

Over 80% OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE EXPORTED, and is found in over 46 countries worldwide.

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IPE product range

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About our advantages

We have already able to produce both EVOH and PVDC bags to match your different demand of the price level – because technology has improved we are able to offer increasing high functionality packaging while using less packaging materials to replace the ordinary vacuum bags.

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